The Uncanny Story

I always made cookies for my family during the holidays, but one year I happened on an old Italian favorite. While some hard-cookies can be stale and bitter, my handmade biscotti turned out just a little sweet.

The texture was firm without being dry. The flavor—cinnamon, chocolate, and freshly-ground espresso—was clear as a bell.

My two sons and I began a new holiday tradition. Music of the season filled the room, and so did the aroma of each new flavor. The three of us weren't just making cookies: we were making some of my most cherished memories, as well.

My whole family adored them, and so did friends, distant relatives, and coworkers. The hearty cookies ship well, so they became my go-to gift for loved ones far away. With each year, the wish-list grew. Eventually, tens of dozens of cookies came out of my kitchen each holiday season.

Now, after almost a decade, I've decided to share my biscotti with everyone. There are new flavors, but each starts with the same spirit of family sharing. Each batch is carefully handmade with love.

Look for the upside-down umbrella on my packaging. To me, it represents coming in from the rain, making a hot beverage, and letting some handmade biscotti brighten your day.

About Uncanny Biscotti

Uncanny Biscotti is a family-owned business based in Jacksonville, Florida. Our kitchen can be found inside our other family business, Paddy's Pizza

We happily ship our delicious product nationally. We'd love to hear from you! Best, Suzi Renehan